T-Shirt Practice Wear DIY

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted because I haven’t been sewing.  I’m up to something: dancing Latin.  One of the greatest parts of being a Latin girl is getting to wear fun practice clothes (sorry, standard and smooth, but the long black skirt is rather puritan).  The problem is that I’m spending all my money on lessons so I can’t justify buying new clothes, especially just for practice.  So this afternoon I pulled out that big box of t-shirts that I don’t wear but can’t bear to throw away (c’mon, you know you have one too).  With nothing but scissors, a few internet tutorials, and an hour and a half, I have three new practice tops.  Check them out!

1. For the too-big-shirt: make a racerback tank!

You ran the race, you went to the concert, you marched in the rally.  And all you got was a men’s XL t-shirt.  Right.  This tutorial, written by my brilliant, crafty, and very articulate little sister, is perfect for that shirt.  (Note to ballroomers: check out her blog, she also has some great hair and nail art tutorials!).  Here’s how it came out:










2. For the too-tight-shirt: make a cut-up, woven back!

What? You’re not the same size you were when you were going to lesbian punk shows in college? Right. Let’s just say it never fit in the first place.  Take that t-shirt that’s too snug, and open it up with a boatneck and woven torn back.  Here’s a video tutorial.  This gal also has a series on t-shirt weaving, and other cutting styles.  Here’s how it came out:










3. For the too-big-shirt you want to keep that way: make a tie front crop top! 

It’s true. Crop tops are back in (’bout time if you ask me).  It turns out this is the simplest style ever to make.  I used this tutorial as a guide and went for it.  I have a feeling there will be lots and lots of t-shirts going this direction in my life.  Here’s how it came out:










Good luck, happy cutting, and even happier dancing! xoxo


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